Those we serve come across many hurdles in life but we empower each individual to achieve his or her vision of a better life.


“Thank you for opening my eyes to the seriousness of my situation.  I am now more aware of what is really happening in my life and therefore, better able to address and fix it.”


Juvenile Drug Court

A Mother’s Testimony at Her Son’s Graduation from Drug Court

First, I would like to express my thoughts and sincere gratitude on this program as a whole. My son and I have been dealing with a lot since the sudden death of his father in November 2004. Trouble didn’t really start until Connor started high school in 2008/09. I really don’t think I realized just how much my son needed my time and attention before this time. I accept my responsibility in his lack of good decisions. Our lives just get so busy in the everyday hustle and bustle in this busy world we live in that it is just hard trying to keep our heads above water.

I have spent numerous hours and money in grief and other types of counseling and nothing seemed to work until we found this program. I hope for everyone’s sake that this program continues to get the funding and dedication of the people who run this program.

Next, are Rick Parr and the Grove for their dedication and patience. There was never a time that he wasn’t there for Connor and me when we were at the end of our ropes. Rick always returned my phone calls in a very timely manner and calmed me down and took the time to teach Connor and myself better communication which I believe is the key in getting our children through these trying adolescent years.

I would also like to thank the State Attorney’s office for allowing Connor to continue in this program even when he had a slip up in October.

Lastly, but definitely not least, I would like to thank Connor for his perseverance on making the right choices even when the peer pressure that all our children face at one time or another come their way. His grades have totally turned around, now getting all A’s in his classes which are honors and AP classes. He is back in sports and excelling in La Crosse.

Thanks to this program our home and lives are in a much more harmonious space with love and laughter.

Again, if I left out, know that I thank each and every person that has helped us down this road. Without it, I don’t know where we would be. If you ever need a testimonial on just how successful this program is, please feel free to contact me. Thank you very much!!!!!”

Board of Directors

A Board Member’s Reason to Invest in All The Grove Does…

On New Years Day 2012 my older brother, 4 years my senior, unexpectedly passed away from an unknown heart condition.  At only 37 years of age, my brother’s passing was a tragic shock to our entire family.  Sadly, it was also around this same time that my father’s physical and mental deterioration from a rare neurological disease called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) began to worsen.  As if losing a brother and son were not enough, our family, and particularly my Mom, had to endure the next year and half as we watched Dad slowly lose his battle with PSP, finally succumbing to this terrible disease in July 2013.  While we felt a sense of relief in knowing that Dad’s pain and suffering was over, the holes in our family became ever more apparent after his passing.  My Mom, sister and I certainly grew closer, and our small family became stronger, but still my sister and I couldn’t help but think there were voids in Mom’s life that we just couldn’t help fill. 

Having spent a lifetime in the educational arena, serving in different capacities as both a teacher and counselor, and having quasi-retired in order to devote herself selflessly to Dad’s care and assistance during his last years, Mom decided it was time to get back out there and start doing what she loves best, helping others.  It was around this time that Mom was introduced to The Grove and for over the last 2 years, Mom has been making a steady transformation back into the vibrant person that she has always been and my sister and I are truly grateful The Grove has given her that opportunity.  In her role as an Alpha Counselor, with her primary assignment being at Wicklow Elementary School in Sanford, Mom has proven to be an invaluable source with those children that need that extra bit of attention and care.  Perhaps more importantly for her, and for our family, it has reenergized her with a passion and sense of purpose that had been sorely missing for her in recent years.  Sometimes people will assume that it is only The Grove’s clients that are being helped into a better life, but the work being done at The Grove goes well beyond that, and I can attest to that, seeing the amazing transformation Mom has gone through by simply being exposed to the mission of The Grove and the wonderfully dedicated people who ensure that mission is carried out.

Russell Frank, Board Member

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