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Wraparound Seminole 
This program is a holistic method of engaging with children, youth, and their families so that the children and youth can live in their homes and communities and realize their hopes and dreams.
Wraparound is a process used with families where traditional services have not typically been successful and there are a number of complex needs.
Wraparound is a voluntary process at no cost to the family.
The Wraparound facilitator and Family Advocate work with the youth and family to develop a team of individuals agreed upon by the family who will help create a plan of action to meet their needs.
Wraparound Facilitator: an individual who is highly credentialed in a human service related field; responsible for facilitating the process to develop a wraparound plan and coordinating services and supports for your and their families.
Family Advocate: Parents and/or primary caregiver of youth with a variety of special needs, who has a personal commitment to helping and empowering families of Seminole County to advocate for themselves.
Through funding from a Cooperative agreement with SAMHSA and Seminole County Government, Community Based Care of Central Florida created the collaboration: Wraparound Seminole.