Adolescent Services

For adolescents suffering from a substance abuse disorder or living with a mental illness, The Grove Counseling Center offers treatment at many levels. We pride ourselves on our easement of intake for outpatient counseling and residential treatment for adolescents. Counseling services can be scheduled within 48 hours of first inquiry and our Residential Treatment program has no waitlist.

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The Grove’s Academy - Inpatient Counseling


The Grove Academy supports adolescents suffering from alcohol or substance abuse and in need of a more intensive individual support plan. Our voluntary residential program is available for individuals 13-17 years old and the recommended stay ranges from three to six months depending on the individual’s progress.

The family component educates those closest to the youth about chemical dependency and the practical skills needed to support the youth in his/her vision of a better life.

With the primary diagnosis of substance abuse, a youth can benefit from the structure of the day to day activities The Academy provides.

  • Group therapy 5 days a week
  • Individual and family therapy at least once a week
  • Florida Virtual School for all clients to maintain his/her current status with credits or catchup with the assistance of a teacher in the classroom. Credits from Florida Virtual School are accepted at all Florida schools. This helps reduce the possible stigma when the youth returns to school.
  • Life Skills Courses teaches our clients those basic life skills they might not have received as they progress into adulthood. Basic budgeting, interviewing for a job, and planning a healthy meal are a few of the topics touched on in our Life Skills program.
  • Community outings and volunteer opportunities
  • R.O.P.E.S. Course Adventure based counseling offered to our youth weekly and develops teamwork, trust, and courage.
  • Evenings can include Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous
  • When inquiring about intake procedure for The Academy, be prepared to provide the following:
  • Household income documentation
  • Current school transcripts and withdraw paperwork
  • Immunization records
  • Tuberculosis skin test results

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Every adolescent is a priority and each call to our Intake Office is returned the same business day.

Read more about The Academy by perusing our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Outpatient Services

The Grove’s Outpatient Programs are available for adolescents 13 and above, with convenient scheduling and individualized treatment plans.

What kind of treatment can I expect to receive?

The Grove’s treatment programs encompass the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of recovery by offering professional excellence in a safe, confidential environment. For those suffering from substance use disorders, our therapists follow the Twelve Step program.

What are the Twelve Steps?

The Twelve Steps are the principles of recovery used by Alcoholics Anonymous for over 75 years. They begin with admission that life has become unmanageable and that the user feels powerless against drugs or alcohol.

Who will lead me through my treatment plan at The Grove?

Our staff are masters-level and licensed therapists.

How do you know what kind of treatment is right for me?

We recognize that each individual who visits The Grove has unique needs. Treatment begins with a bio-psychosocial assessment to determine the treatment plan that will give you the best chance for success.

How will my family be involved?

A network of support is an important part of treatment. Family sessions are encouraged and incorporated into your treatment plan.

I think I need something more intensive, but I’m not interested in residential treatment. What do you have for me?

The three-month Intensive Outpatient Program is designed for adults and adolescents who are in need of more comprehensive counseling services.

Do you accept insurance?

The Grove accepts most private insurance and Medicaid. Insurance List

What if I don’t have insurance?

We adjust our fees using a sliding scale based on income for those who qualify.

My primary language is Spanish. Can I get help at The Grove?

Yes, Spanish-speaking counseling services are available.

Juvenile Drug Court

As the only provider for Juvenile Drug Court in Seminole County, The Grove is able to offer an alternative to the normal judicial process for delinquency cases. The mission of the Seminole County Juvenile Drug Court is to reduce substance abuse and juvenile crime, and increase public safety by providing an alternative to the normal judicial process in delinquency cases. The process is initiated in the State Attorney’s office. The Grove then intervenes in cases and offers services to help the youth transition into a healthy lifestyle and greatly reduce the chance of a youth re-entering the system.

A youth’s vision of a better life is supported through the Juvenile Drug Court Program through the following benefits:

  • Specialized intensive substance abuse treatment
  • Acquisition of the tools required for positive lifestyle changes and the development of improved coping skills
  • Strengthen family relationships.
  • Enhance employment opportunities.
  • Improve educational focus and goal setting.
  • Potential to end juvenile probation upon successful completion of program.
  • Nolle Prosequi (be unwilling to pursue, do not prosecute)
  • Reduction in chance for recidivism.

The Grove’s Juvenile Drug Court involves four phases paired with the following requirements.

Phase 1 (approximately 45 days):

Attend group three times a week

Individual sessions weekly

Family session monthly

Random urinalysis testing weekly

Phase 2 (approximately 30 days):

Attend group two times a week

Individual sessions bi-weekly

Family session monthly

Random urinalysis testing weekly

Phase 3 (approximately 90 days):

Attend group weekly

Individual sessions monthly

Family session monthly

Random urinalysis testing weekly

Phase 4 (approximately 30 days):

Attend group bi-weekly

Individual sessions monthly

Family session monthly

Random urinalysis testing weekly

Through new funding, The Grove is now able to provide the Juvenile Drug Court Program at no cost to the individual or family.

This is an opportunity initiated by the State Attorney’s Office.


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