• Talk to your child about their problem, but never accuse.
  • Be prepared for anger and denial.
  • Offer support and guidance as your child begins to realize the extent of their problem.
  • Let your child know that you will be there for him or her as they seek help and healing.
Our residential treatment program is open to young men and women between the ages of 13 and 17 whose primary diagnosis is chemical dependence.
The program at The Grove Academy addresses the physical, psychological and social needs of adolescents with serious alcohol or drug problems and helps them build a foundation for long-term recovery.
The admissions process begins with communication between a Treatment Services Coordinator and the patient and/or the parent(s) or guardian. We’ll gather information about the patient’s history with substance abuse and help with insurance and payment arrangements.
Upon arrival, you will be assigned a primary therapist who will be there to guide you through the treatment process. A treatment plan will be designed with your needs in mind.
Patients usually stay at the Academy between three and six months.
A normal day includes individual counseling, small group counseling, school, physical and health education, life skills courses, Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and personal time for relaxation and reflection.
The Academy offers a Partial Hospitalization Program, in which clients are dropped off each morning and participate in all the activities of the standard residential program, before being picked up each evening.
Patients receive four hours of school per day using an individualized, computer-based learning program, Florida Virtual School. Students earn credits towards graduation.
Our Family Program educates those closest to you about chemical dependency. Through small-group discussion with other families and counseling sessions with you and your therapist, your family will gain knowledge and practical skills to support you through the recovery process.
Plans for continued care are developed before you ever graduate from the Academy to ensure you have a support system in place outside the program.

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