Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a 3-month treatment service and support program that primarily treats substance abuse. Treatment focuses on every aspect of an individual’s life, such as family and social relationships, anger and stress management, physical and mental health concerns, effective decision making skills, substance abuse education and relapse prevention, and skills to improve overall emotional well-being.

The program consists of weekly group counseling (3 hours each group), individual therapy (1 hour), and family therapy sessions as needed (1 hour). Groups consist of substance abuse and life skills education, which is discussed and processed with the counselor and other group members. Individual therapy focuses on how well the individual has been able to utilize new skills acquired in group, process their personal experiences, and monitor progress. Family therapy concentrates on how substance abuse affects the family, assisting with improving healthy boundaries, and monitoring progress of family relationships. Random urinalysis screenings are conducted throughout the treatment program.

To accommodate our patients, we offer our IOP program in the evening, so regular work and study patterns remain uninterrupted.

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