Ending the Reign of Cocaine?

June 18, 2015 12:01 pm Post by

It is as if drug dealers have run out of manipulative names for designer drugs as “Flakka” has now stormed the South Florida market. Spanish slang for a slender and striking woman, Flakka comes in the form of small crystals allowing it to be eaten like our childhood candy, Pop Rocks, or smoked like the oh so popular Cannabis plant, weed. Here is a disclaimer: the drug has nothing to do with a beautiful woman and instead creates hallucinations that never end well. This synthetic drug comes in from China through the mail and over 275 incidents have been recorded in Broward County, Florida since 2014.

Why is the market moving demand away from cocaine and yearning for Flakka? Users say that they enjoy the effects of super human strength and delirium. Compared to cocaine, Flakka is inexpensive and easy to find. Cocaine is not the lesser evil but with Flakka on the streets, many cases of excited delirium are causing the users to go into hyperthermia and become psychotic. A usual case involves the user ripping off their clothes and acting violently while possessed with unusual strength that makes it hard for police officers to restrain the perpetrator. A case in Melbourne involved a man, high on Flakka, resisting arrest and even going as far as pulling the Taser probes out of his body so he could continue to attack the officers. Was this man Thor? We doubt it

The constant transforming of the drug culture around the world is hard to grasp. Teenagers used to be caught with an eighth of weed in their pockets and now they have evolved into using new hiding places. By purchasing friendship bracelets, markers, and inhalers that have been altered into smoking devices, many teenagers are smoking tobacco and marijuana products in plain sight. Many of the clients The Grove Counseling Center has come in with a substance abuse disorder and this challenges the human service organization to constantly keep up-to-date on drug trends. It is not always about treating an addiction but informing the community of these emerging drugs. Those experimenting with a new designer drug never know the full effects the drug can dish out. In 2013, 126 people died from using Flakka and yet the following years only saw an increase in usage. The Grove Counseling Center wants to prevent tragedies connected with ignorant substance abuse by educating the public and serving as a resource to the community.

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