ALPHA Counseling

Based out of select Seminole County Public Elementary Title One Schools, ALPHA reaches students who present behavior such as disruptive classroom behavior, low self-esteem, anger issues, peer pressure or coping with grief.

Students, ages nine to twelve, in the ALPHA Program experience academic and social gains through peer interaction, positive school experiences and preventive counseling. Family participation is a key component as children experience greater success when family members are in contact with the ALPHA counselor. ALPHA aims to prevent the development of more severe, inappropriate behavior patterns, which if left unattended could lead to the child dropping out of school, teen pregnancy or alcohol and drug abuse. Providing support in school and at home can create and inspire young students to break the cycle of unhealthy habits and decisions. Referrals come directly from teachers and parents of the select elementary school.


For students (3rd through 5th grade) in the select Seminole County Elementary Schools, summer ALPHA counseling sessions are available. To schedule, please contact the ALPHA counselor at the school your child attends.

ALPHA Counselors

Judy Frank   Wicklow Elementary –

Jasmin Reyes   Idyllwilde Elementary –

Iliana Torres   English Estates –

Jamila Hodge   English Estates –

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