The Grove Counseling Center empowers every individual to achieve his or her vision of a better life…

by recognizing every individual as a priority and meeting needs with urgency

by creating an environment of trust, compassion, and free of judgment

by strengthening family relationships and community support systems

by promoting wellness through affordable and high quality programs and services


How does The Grove Counseling Center support families and individuals in our community?

With a long history of hope and healing, The Grove Counseling Center has flourished into a Central Florida nonprofit built from the community’s need for services. A focus on those living with a mental health diagnosis or suffering from substance abuse allows The Grove to enhance the ability of many individuals and families to succeed in life. Those we serve come across many hurdles and the top priority for any human service organization is to make the necessary treatment available for all those who seek it as every individual is a priority.  

Sponsored by The Grove Counseling Center, Inc. and the State of Florida, Department of Children and Families and managed by Central Florida Cares Health System.

Individuals who are pregnant and/or use drugs intravenously receive immediate services at The Grove.


The Grove Counseling Center is CARF accreditted. What does that mean for our patients?

  • Accreditation is official recognition that The Grove is guided by internationally recognized service standards and best practices.
  • Accreditation demonstrates that The Grove values the input of our clients and is accountable to the community.
  • Accreditation validates that The Grove has made a specific commitment to put the needs of our clients at the center of everything we do.
  • Accreditation indicates that The Grove respects the rights and individuality of our clients.


The Grove Counseling Center, Inc. serves all clients with fairness regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or national origin.


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Enhancing the ability of individuals to succeed in life

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